Weather Warning: Snow to Fall This Week with Frost and Rain as Temperatures Plummet to -2C

Forecasters predict that snow will fall in parts of the UK this week, with temperatures dropping across the country as we enter winter.

Snow is possible in Scotland’s highest mountains in the coming days, with lows of -1C or -2C expected on Friday.

According to Met Office forecaster Craig Snell, frost is likely overnight in northern areas of the country, but temperatures will not drop yet in other parts of the UK.

“We could potentially see snow on Scotland’s highest mountains,” Mr Snell told The Mirror.

“For this time of year, that is certainly not out of normal.”

The rest of the country, according to the forecaster, is unlikely to see any snowfall in the coming week.

“Temperatures are generally around where they should be for this time of year for the next five to seven days,” Mr Snell said.

However, as we enter December, the first month of meteorological winter, Mr Snell predicts an increase in cold weather and frost across the UK.

The meteorologist said: “Generally, temperatures will be cooling off as we head towards mid-December and the risk of frost will become more common.”

According to the Met Office’s long-range weather forecast from November 28 to December 7, western areas will remain unsettled with rain and stronger winds more likely.

High pressure may become more influential in the south and east, leading to drier weather with temperatures expected to remain close to, if not slightly above average for this time of year.

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