Weather: ‘Hurricane activity’ to bring thunderstorm washout to the UK

Hurricane activity could cause unsettled conditions, including thunderstorms, across the UK in just a few days time.

The Met Office has warned heavy showers and thunderstorms remain possible as Florida continues to get battered by Hurricane Idalia.

The UK’s national weather service’s forecast from September 2 said: “Some uncertainty related to hurricane activity in the tropical North Atlantic abounds early September but there is a good chance that large parts of the UK could see some fine weather initially, with dry and sunny spells.

“Some unsettled weather, bringing cloud and rain, is most likely towards north-western parts of the country.

“Winds are expected to be light at first, though could strengthen at times in the northwest.

“It is likely that temperatures will be around average for most, but it could feel warm in southern areas.

“Although it is most likely to remain settled in the south, there is an outside chance of unsettled weather developing here too, mostly in the form of showers and thunderstorms should milder, more humid air manage to push north into this region.”

Americans in Florida are preparing for Hurricane Idalia to hit the Sunshine State on Wednesday morning.

Governor Ron DeSantis is pleading with residents to heed evacuation warnings without delay as the storm approaches.

High winds, up to 30cm of rain and potentially deadly storm surges as high as 15ft are forecast in some areas.

However, Britons could also see scattered showers sweep the nation at the end of August.

Heavy downpours look set to hit parts of England and Wales on August 31.

Temperatures over the next few days will also likely hover around the mid-to-high teens.

Mercury will likely return to the seasonal average as September looms, with 22C forecast for London on September 4.

Forecasters at WXCHARTS have suggested temperatures could continue to soar later in September as Britons have been given late hope on an Indian summer.

Temperatures could reach 27C in the South East, 26C in the East of England and 25C in the South West.

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