Watch: Keir Starmer speech DISRUPTED by protestors as he’s blasted for ‘U-turns’

Climate protesters disrupted Sir Keir Starmer’s address, accusing him of abandoning his £28 billion green prosperity plan.

During a significant address in Gillingham, the Labour Party leader announced proposals to restructure the school system.

The campaigners requested a “green new deal” and that he reinstate the £28 billion a year pledge for green programmes.

“Let me finish,” Starmer said to two demonstrators holding a banner reading “Green New Deal Now.”

Speaking to the activists, he said: “I think you may have missed my last mission was on clean energy”.

The Labour leader told the pair he would “speak to you after” as they were led off stage by security.

Once they were escorted off stage, Starmer said: “I think they may have missed the fact that the last mission I launched was on clean power by 2030 which is the single most effective way to get the green future that they and many others want.”

Climate activists from the Green New Deal Rising group claimed responsibility for the disruption.

According to the group, one of the protesters was student Dieudonne Bila, who said in a statement: “I disrupted KeirStarmer’s speech because I desperately want to see a future government committed to protecting people here and all over the world from the climate crisis.

“We won’t stand by and allow private companies to continue making billions as heating becomes unaffordable, or be silent in the face of extreme heat, flooding and droughts.”

Continuing with his speech, Starmer vowed to “change Britain” to ensure that children’s prospects are not determined by their parents’ wealth.

He said: “I promise you this, whatever the obstacles to opportunity, wherever the barriers to hope, my Labour government will tear them down.

It comes after climate protestors caused chaos on Wimbledon Tennis Championships Court 18 twice yesterday.

During two separate matches at the prestigious tennis event, protesters hurled orange confetti and jigsaw pieces on the turf.

Crowds applauded as officials escorted demonstrators from the court.

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