Warning to Tories as Nigel Farage predicts a DECADE of Labour power

Nigel Farage has sent an urgent message to the Conservatives, predicting that Labour will control British politics for the next ten years.

The former leader of the Brexit Party demanded a “complete revolution” during the upcoming general election, which is scheduled for the second part of this year.

This comes in response to calls made by Richard Tice’s Reform UK party, who wants Keir Starmer to challenge the Tories in the election if they “step down.”

Richard Tice advised Mark Dolan during his appearance on GB News that Rishi Sunak ought to “do the decent thing on behalf of the country” and give way to Reform.

He added that he wants to “save Britain” and believes his party will “win hands down”.

After Tice’s warning of Labour’s “red socialism”, Nigel Farage said that politics is “failing at every level”.

Appearing on Mark Dolan Tonight, Farage told GB News viewers that voting Conservative means “being lied to”, as the party “made promises in their manifesto that they never intended to keep”.

He explained that Richard Tice’s calls for the Tories to step down is not a simple “one election plan”, but instead a “revolution”.

Farage said: “We got back self-government, great. Now we have to work out how to use it and how to do it rather more effectively than either Labour or Conservatives can.

“It’s a long term game and we’ll level with the voters on that. Ultimately, vote Reform, you’ll get Labour. Here’s the truth of it. We’re going to get Labour anyway.

“This attempt to try and squeeze the Reform vote won’t work because they’re doomed now.”

Nigel said: “I think Labour have got a decade in power written in already, such is the level of disenchantment at the Conservatives and what they’ve done.

“I don’t know whether the Conservatives are going to be replaced, whether they’re going to be changed – what I do know is that Reform is going to play a very important role in realigning the centre right of British politics to give us a proper choice.”

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