UK braces for month-long arctic freeze as storms threaten to lash nation

A bitter cold front is likely to cause temperatures to fall across the UK, as forecasters warn of more bad weather to come.

The “volatile” weather pattern will most certainly deliver heavy rain and severe gusts, with the potential of gales remaining.

A “polar” front is expected to move in near the end of October and into the first few days of November, according to weather experts.

Temperatures as low as -6 degrees Celsius are possible in some locations, as well as snowfall.

Heavy rain is anticipated to continue between November 7 and November 21, according to the Met Office’s long-term outlook.

It states: “The unsettled conditions of the past couple of weeks are likely to continue into the first week of this period. This means further rain in most areas, probably heaviest in the south or southwest.

“The east facing hills in northern England and Scotland may also see further heavy rainfall.

“Strong winds are expected to be associated with the rain at times, with the ongoing risk of gales, fairly typical for this time of year.

One meteorologist also suggested “early indications” for November show potential snow over high ground in Scotland.

“There are early indications of colder/polar weather moving in early Nov, at least temporarily,” Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services said.

“If it confirms, then snow in the Highlands, Grampians, southern Uplands, Snowdonia and the Pennine tops is perfectly possible.

At the same time, high winds and then freezing temps may well then ensue as the polar air digs in, the icy conditions being mainly for northern parts of the UK – perhaps a -6C or so for the glens.”

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