Sunak to offer Rwanda another £15 million in bid to save asylum scheme

According to reports, Rishi Sunak will give Rwanda an additional £15 million to reduce Channel crossing migrants.

The Prime Minister will provide the additional funds to improve and extend Rwanda’s asylum processing system.

Britain previously gave the East African country £140 million, and government officials have reportedly explored accelerating payments.

Whitehall sources say that a new agreement is nearing completion.

James Cleverly is set to travel to Rwanda on Monday or Tuesday.

The action coincides with intentions to introduce new legislation by Thursday.

Sunak also plans to introduce emergency legislation to answer the Supreme Court’s complaints.

The Rwanda policy was found illegal by the Supreme Court last month.

Ministers will now issue an “evidence pack” to demonstrate that asylum seekers will not suffer mistreatment or repatriation to their country of origin after being transferred from the UK to Rwanda.

Sunak is hoping that the law would be approved by the Commons and Lords by the middle of February.

The current action, however, is sure to revive talk about the Prime Minister calling an election by the spring.

Labour stated yesterday that a surge in Channel crossings this weekend would likely put this year’s total up to the levels seen in 2021.

The number for 2021 was 28,526 people, and there have been 28,453 so far this year.

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