Spain reinstates face mask regulations amidst flu and Covid outbreak

Amidst an increase in flu and Covid cases, Spain has reinstated the requirement for masks in hospitals and health institutions.

Only six months after mask use in medical facilities and pharmacies was no longer required, the decision has generated controversy among certain regional authorities.

However, Spanish Health Minister Monica Garcia overruled them, telling reporters, “What we have to do is protect the most vulnerable people. It’s just common sense.”

In addition to recommending mask use in pharmacies, private clinics, and other healthcare settings like dentist offices, the health ministry mandated mask use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Last week, several regions of Spain issued mask-wearing orders to hospital employees, visitors, and patients.

The national extension of that obligation was mandated by the central government of Spain.

However, some of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions, which are normally responsible for health matters, have opposed the move.

Spain was among the last European countries to drop requirements to wear face masks following the Covid pandemic, with people told to wear them on public transport until February 2023, and in health centres and pharmacies until July. 

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