Reform UK plots taking 35 seats from the Conservatives next election

The Conservatives may have to brace themselves for a 35-seat loss at the hands of Reform UK in the next general election.

As the chaos surrounding Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s term continues, the newest polling findings show a jump in popularity for the party led by Richard Tice.

Tice’s insurgent party is polling at roughly 10% to 11% countrywide, a significant gain from 5% just a year ago. He told GB News that he is “100%” ready to run a Reform UK candidate in every seat in a general election.

“We just have to keep raising awareness; the more people who hear about us, the better; that’s the most important thing we have to do,” he continued.

“It’s still the case that we’ll have a candidate in every seat. I’m 110 per cent on that. We are well on track and ready for an April election.”

Tice discussed Nigel Farage’s reaction to the latest polls when he emerges from the jungle. He went on to say: “I think he’ll be thrilled about Reform’s polling. But he’ll be shocked and appalled at what’s happened with Rwanda and the appointment of Cameron as foreign secretary.”

According to More in Common’s calculations, if Reform UK did not exist, the Conservatives would gain 265 constituencies across England and Wales, denying Labour a majority and resulting in a hung parliament.

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