Police reveals where speed cameras are TURNED OFF as 46% are not operating in the UK

According to new data, nearly one in every two speed cameras in England and Wales is not operating.

A shocking 46% of all fixed speed cameras are not operational, which could mean that thousands of motorists who exceed the speed limit would go unnoticed.

Northamptonshire’s eight fixed speed cameras were all inactive, while the Welsh county of Gwent has only one operating speed camera out of 31 installed.

The study, which was based on FOI requests, discovered that six of the thirteen police departments had more than half of their speed cameras turned off.

Derbyshire has the most speed cameras out of commission of any region, with 93, and only 20 speed cameras capable of catching violators.

Essex and Cornwall were also hotspots for broken speed cameras, with each having at least 40% of their cameras out of commission.

Just Dyfed-Powys and Suffolk had all speed cameras operational, despite having just four cameras in each jurisdiction.

Gary Digva, founder of Road Angel, said: “It’s shocking to see how many speed cameras across the country are standing inactive and are letting speeding motorists get away with driving dangerously.

“In total with all of the police forces who responded to our Freedom of Information request, there are 1,069 fixed speed cameras across the country. Out of this, there are 496 inactive speed cameras.

“This means that almost half of speed cameras on our roads are out of operation (46 per cent).”

Between 2014 and 2021, nearly one million speed awareness courses were taken.

Last year, over 45% of cars broke the speed limit on highways, with a further 50% admitting to exceeding the speed limit on 30mph routes.

Some of the country’s largest areas, including Merseyside, the West Midlands, and West Mercia, all had at least 80% of their speed cameras operational.

Road safety experts are now urging the government and police forces to ensure that all speed cameras are operational in order to reduce the number of incidents on the road.

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