Police asked to examine ‘every reasonable lead’ to reduce crime rates

UK police officers are now instructed to examine “every reasonable lead” in order to reduce crime rates.

It comes after Home Secretary Suella Braverman reminded police that “there is no such thing as trivial crime” and that neglecting offences such as shoplifting and stolen vehicles, bikes, or phones was “completely unacceptable.”

The College of Policing has issued new instructions to officers in England and Wales, instructing them to evaluate all relevant evidence, including CCTV film, doorbell and dashcam recordings, and phone monitoring, if it could lead to a suspect or stolen property.

As a result, the public will know what to expect from police when they report a crime such as burglary or theft. According to the College, this will improve service consistency across regions and help solve more crimes.

The promise, reached by the Home Office, the National Police Chiefs’ Council, and the College of Policing, is part of the Government’s “crime week” of policy announcements. Labour, on the other hand, called it a “staggering admission of 13 years of Tory failure on policing and crime.”

While the new police vow covers all offences, Braverman urged cops to follow up on tips about phone or automobile theft, shoplifting, and criminal damage. She called it “unacceptable” that such offences were considered as “less important.”

She said, “Criminals must have no place to hide. The police’s commitment today is a huge step forward towards delivering the victim-focused, common-sense policing the public deserve.”

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