Penny Mordaunt APPROVES plans for 16-year-old Brits to enrol in National Service

Penny Mordaunt passed a plan to enrol all 16-year-olds in a National Service scheme.

The idea, proposed by think tank Onward, would send teens on a two-week ‘civic exploration’ vacation and require them to volunteer.

In an article for the Telegraph, the House of Commons leader welcomed the concept, saying it would encourage “goodwill and community spirit, energy and imagination” in teenagers.

She also stated that it might encourage “good mental health and resilience” after the Covid disaster shook young people’s lives.

Although kids would be automatically enrolled in the scheme, they would have the option to opt out.

Should the plan go ahead, more than 600,000 young people could take part.

Ms Mordaunt added that there is nothing “more rewarding than serving your community and nation”.

“No one is more effective at helping others than a willing volunteer,” she said.

“Many young people are struggling with their mental health, to find purpose, and feel a sense of belonging. 

“Stepping forward to help others could be part of the answer. Service can help build the resilience, skills, and pride in their community and country that many need.”

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