Old landlines will soon be ‘obsolete’ – millions of UK homes to face big change starting November

Every home in the United Kingdom is about to undergo a once-in-a-generation change in the way they make phone calls.

The substantial shift is due to the replacement of outdated copper infrastructure with digital VoIP conversations that use the internet to keep customers in touch.

It’s a massive update that’s gradually being pushed out across the country, and we now know where locations will be transitioned from older technology to new internet calling.

BT has just confirmed that the next phase of its copper phase-out will commence in Greater London.

Customers will be notified soon, and many are expecting to notice the adjustments in November and December.

Although the thought of killing off old landlines sounds terrifying, BT promises that the majority of consumers will only need to unplug their current phone from the landline socket and insert it into the rear of their broadband router instead.

“The landline is here to stay, and for the majority of customers, making the switch simply involves plugging your phone into a broadband router instead of into a wall-mounted phone socket, bringing new benefits such as advanced spam call blocking,” a spokesperson for BT said.

The biggest worry will be for those who don’t have broadband as the new system won’t work without an internet connection.

Luckily BT says it won’t be forcing anyone to make the switch just yet they fall under the criteria such as those who don’t have a mobile signal or only have a landline and no broadband.

Customers over the age of 70 are also not initially being proactively switched to Digital Voice.

BT’s regional approach will be supported by general awareness communications, and advertising campaigns, delivered across local, regional and national media to explain to customers the simple steps required to make the move to Digital Voice.

There will even be drop-in sessions to ask questions and voice concerns – you can find out when these are taking place here.

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