Nigel Farage delivers GB News’ ‘Don’t Kill Cash’ petition to No. 11 – with 300,000 signatures

The presenting stars of GB News marched up Downing Street this morning to deliver their Don’t Kill Cash petition to No. 11.

In less than a month, the campaign gathered nearly 300,000 signatures, with viewers responding in droves to fears about Britain’s increasingly cashless society.

The march was led by Nigel Farage, who was joined by co-stars Bev Turner, Michelle Dewberry, Patrick Christys, and Liam Halligan.

According to the petition, “vulnerable people who rely on cash are increasingly being left behind by the relentless march of technology.”

The 296,577 signatures demand that the government “enact legislation to protect cash’s status as legal tender and widely accepted means of payment in the UK until at least 2050.”

GB News also unveiled a giant piggy bank outside Parliament this morning, heaping on yet more pressure.

The channel’s Economics editor Liam Halligan said: “We know that over a million households in this country don’t have a bank account, they don’t have debit cards.

“We know that five million Brits rely on cash each day to fulfil their basic needs.

“We know that increasing numbers of shops don’t want to take cash, they don’t want the cash handling costs.”

Bridget Phillipson, Shadow Education Secretary, has backed the effort, saying she’s been approached by “lots of constituents who are really concerned about the impact this is all having, and I think it’s really important for older residents that we’re maintaining access to cash.”

“We’re about to go for an appointment at No. 11 Downing Street to present the Don’t Kill Cash Campaign,” Nigel Farage said before of handing in the petition.

“300,000 people have signed this in short order. Don’t kill cash – it matters.”

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