New alcohol drinking laws to be introduced in post-Brexit win

Following a Brexit victory, alcohol rules are expected to undergo significant alteration.

Ministers are expected to return with pints of Champagne and wine within months.

According to The Sun, this would be the first time pint-sized bottles have been permitted since they were forbidden by Brussels.

The move would signal a return to Sir Winston Churchill’s policies.

A pint is claimed to be “enough for two at lunch and one at dinner” by the wartime Prime Minister.

Pint-sized bottles accounted for almost 60% of Champagne sales in the United Kingdom. They were, however, made illegal when Britain joined the European Common Market in 1973.

In 2021, a proposal to reinstate the pint measures was floated. However, it has reportedly been hampered by a number of legal snags.

The Department for Business and Trade has allegedly informed other Whitehall departments that the prohibition will be lifted soon. According to government sources, a consultation with the champagne and English sparkling wine industries is “imminent.”

Weights and measures legislation changes would then open the door for pint-sized wine servings. They might return “early next year.”

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