New AI camera DETECTS hundreds of Brits committing driving offences

Just three days after being installed on one of Devon’s busiest highways, new AI-powered cameras have detected nearly 300 people committing driving offences.

After being put on the A30 near Launceston in Devon, the camera captured 117 people using their phones while driving and 130 in cars without seatbelts.

The cutting-edge surveillance camera use AI technology to identify people committing traffic infractions in order to secure charges.

The free-standing camera takes high-quality photos that are then reviewed by AI software which determines whether an offence has been committed.

Any evidence is then sent to police, where the photos are reviewed by a person to confirm whether an offence has occurred.

If an offence has been committed, drivers will then either be sent a warning letter or a notice of intended prosecution, according to the BBC.

Adrian Leisk, head of road safety for Devon and Cornwall Police said: ‘When we trialled this technology last year, we were disappointed by the number of drivers detected not wearing seatbelts.

‘The early results from our latest deployment show that there is also a problem with mobile phone use behind the wheel, which is both dangerous and illegal.

‘We are employing this new technology to send a clear message to anyone who continues to use their phone behind the wheel – you will get caught.’

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