Meat and dairy can be called ‘BRITISH’ again due to Brexit rule change

Because of the post-Brexit regulation changes, a new marketing campaign promoting homegrown meat and dairy products will for the first time utilise both the name British and the Union flag.

Both were prohibited under the EU State Aid directive, which prohibited unfair competition among member countries.

However, new UK legislation that supersedes the restriction has now gone into effect.

To commemorate the occasion, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board will launch a new campaign called We Eat Balanced next week.

The marketing campaign would “reinforce the importance of British meat and dairy in contributing to a healthy and sustainable diet.”

The AHDB stated that the campaign is an attempt to fight rising vegetarianism by promoting a meat and dairy diet, while the flag and “British” will also be used in future initiatives such as Love Pork and Feed The Family For Less.

“We had previously been restricted from using ‘British’ as the primary message due to EU State Aid rules,” it stated.

“However, guidance on the new UK rules was published earlier this year as part of The Subsidy Control Act, paving the way for this change.”

As long as the use of the flag and “British” does not disrupt international trade, they are acceptable under the rules of the World Trade Organisation.

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