LOOK: Extinction Rebellion sets off smoke grenades from Labour’s HQ

Activists from Extinction Rebellion have caused a scene at the Labour Party headquarters today by pouring fake oil over the premises, setting off smoke and and scaling the building.

Campaigners have urged a future Labour government to cancel new fossil fuel licences, fund the transition to renewables and end the Drax sponsorship.

Smoke cannons have been let off at the Victoria Street building in London, with protestors standing on the canopy holding banners which say: “Labour: cut the ties to fossil fuels.”

While some of the eco-mob have made it to the top of the building, others are sitting at the entrance with banners after pouring black ‘fake’ oil over the steps.

Extinction Rebellion (known at XR) retweeted its South East branch which said on social media platform X: “Banners declaring ‘Labour: Cut The Ties to Fossil Fuels’ are being held by activists who climbed onto the buildings canopy.

“Campaigners are demanding a manifesto commitment to make the transition to renewables an urgent priority of a Labour Government.”

An earlier tweet said: “Activists pour fake oil and scale Labour Party headquarters demanding future Labour Government takes urgent action to cancel new fossil fuel licenses, fund the transition to renewables and end Drax sponsorship.”

The eco-mob protested against the arrival of a mega cruise ship in Ibiza just days ago.

Members of the group turned up to the Port of Ibiza dressed up in a make-shift outfit, resembling a cruise liner.

The outfit, appearing more like a children’s craft project, was part of a protest against alleged ‘greenwashing’ which is when a company makes an environmental claim about something the organisation is doing that is intended to promote a sense of environmental impact that doesn’t exist.

They wore long paper hats with tin foil protruding to resemble the cruise chimneys pumping out emissions.

The group claims cruise companies are promoting environmental policies while “polluting more than ever”.

Sir Keir has repeatedly denied Labour links with extremist eco groups, but the revelation of meetings calls that into question.

Sir Keir was left red-faced on July 6 when a speech intended to be about education reform was gatecrashed by Green New Deal Rising activists, who had managed to gatecrash the Labour Leader’s backdrop of young activists.

They unfurled a hidden banner while he was speaking, and could be heard demanding a “green new deal”.

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