LIST: New driving laws in 2024, including fines and petrol price changes

The complete list of new driving regulations for 2024 has been made public, and it includes adjustments to the price of petrol and a sizable new punishment.

New beginnings accompany every new year, and the traffic laws are no exception. In order to avoid breaking the law, drivers must stay aware of any modifications to the road.

AutoTrader has identified several potential legislative changes for the upcoming year, some of which may catch more students off guard on test day.

The company issued a warning that although while the Highway Code and traffic laws are constantly changing, drivers who are unaware of these changes may be subject to heavy fines.

Eyesight test

While the DVSA is yet to confirm what changes will be made to the eyesight exam, many experts predict drivers might be tested in different lighting conditions.

AutoTrader claim the move could catch more learners out when they’re taking their driving test.

Currently, the eyesight test is passed if you can read a licence plate from 20 yards away. In the future, this eye test procedure may be modified.

In addition to seeking drivers and experts for suggestions on how to conduct the test more effectively, the DVSA is engaging a Medical Panel over the design of the testing procedure.

Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs)

Additionally, AutoTrader mentioned that starting in October 2024, heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers in London may be subject to stricter safety regulations.

HGV drivers will require a safety permit—which will have a star rating depending on the vehicle’s all-around visibility—before they can enter the UK capital, according to a statement made by Transport for London (TfL).

HGV drivers will be required to obtain a safety permit in order to enter Greater London. Additionally, they will be assigned a star system, and they will be penalised if their star level is not met.

A car can receive a rating of zero stars, which indicates poor direct vision, or five stars, which indicates outstanding direct vision.

You can apply for a permit without supplying any extra proof if your HGV has a rating of one to five stars.

If your HGV has a zero star rating, you must install Safe System upgrades to make your car safer.

You risk a £550 fine if you operate a heavy-duty vehicle (HGV) across the majority of Greater London without the required permission. If paid within 14 days, this can be lowered to £275.

Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate

They added that more drivers might start using electric vehicles in the upcoming year.

As of January 1, automakers will have to meet the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate, which aims to increase the sale of electric vehicles to help cut emissions, which requires at least 22% of their car sales and 10% of their van sales to be totally electric.

The government intends to gradually raise the proportion of sold electric vehicles until at least 80% of automobiles sold are electric by 2030.

To comply with the UK’s ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by that year, all cars sold there are expected to have zero emissions by that year.

Fuel duty freeze

2024 could also be a bad year for petrol and diesel prices as the Government might potentially end the freeze on fuel duty.

Fuel duty has been frozen since January 2011 to prevent its rise with inflation.

According to the Office for Budget Responsibility, the basic rate for petrol and diesel is 52.95 pence per litre (ppl), which includes the 5 ppl reduction that the government has given until the end of March 2024 to help with the cost-of-living problem.

We will learn more about the government’s intentions regarding the fuel duty freeze and the 5ppl cut in the spring budget of 2024.

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