Just Stop Oil brings chaos on Waterloo Bridge as ambulance on blue lights blocked

Just Stop Oil (JSO) protesters caused chaos on Waterloo Bridge after an ambulance on blue lights was gridlocked by the eco-mob,

According to the Metropolitan Police, arrests are being made after demonstrators refused to move out of the road and continue their protest on the pavement.

Another 44 activists have been charged in connection with Monday’s disruption, which included two people causing criminal damage at the National Gallery.

Five Just Stop Oil activists who were part of the first Waterloo Bridge protest have now continued their slow march up The Strand.

The demonstrations, which are part of JSO’s action against the Government granting new fossil fuel licences, saw more than 100 people arrested on Monday.

The Metropolitan Police said: “Ultimately it is Londoners who are bearing the brunt and cost of Just Stop Oil’s disruption.”

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