Government: Migrants to face age tests after 41-year-old claimed to be boy

The Government has stated that migrants will soon be subject to age checks after a 41-year-old man disguised as a kid to claim asylum in the UK.

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick has informed MPs that when migrants arrive in the country, officials will conduct medical examinations.

According to reports, X-rays and MRI scans are among the technologies being investigated to debunk fake age claims, which would provide them preferential treatment in the eyes of the law.

Mr Jenrick said in the House of Commons that the additional measures would be implemented “over the course of this year” and denounced those who “abuse the system.”

He also addressed the recent case of a man who was nearly 30 years older than he claimed.

According to the minister, immigration officials recently discovered that a man who claimed to be a youngster was, in reality, 41 years old.

He described the man as the “oldest individual we’ve encountered” acting as a child after entering in the nation.

Lone children who arrive in the UK to seek refuge are given immediate help, support, and protection from authorities and are transported to specialised centres.

Adults seeking asylum, on the other hand, are frequently processed for months while waiting for their asylum applications to be approved.

Approximately 867 out of 1,386 children taken in by local authorities were wrongly classified, meaning they could have been placed alone with adults in unsupervised accommodation, raising new safeguarding concerns.

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