France’s rift with Germany threatens EU, and bloc ‘will beg for Britain’s help’

A Brexiteer predicts that European Union leaders would “beg the UK to rescue them” as the bloc faces large debts and low growth.

And, according to Ben Habib, “pig-headed” France, led by Emmanuel Macron, will pursue political integration even at the risk of its own sovereignty.

Mr Habib was commenting after allegations circulated regarding President Macron’s increasingly strained relationship with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, with one insider telling the Financial Times yesterday that the pair simply “do not get on.”

Their apparent lack of chemistry has been criticised for a lack of cohesion within the EU27, particularly in relation to squabbles between Paris and Berlin over nuclear power, a critical component of French energy strategy.

Mr Habib, a Reform Party member who previously served as a Brexit Party MEP, stated, “The rifts emerging between France and Germany threaten the European project.”

“In significant part because they need the UK to make it work.”

He added: “The UK provided a much-needed sensible voice and loads of cash.

“The EU now is consumed by its ideology and division between its members. The absence of our cash is hurting greatly.”

Germany was “struggling to reinvent its economy away from internal combustion engines”, Mr Habib said, with the technology required – specifically batteries for electric vehicles – being mass-produced in the UK.

Mr Habib said: “Remember when Brexiteers said we held the cards – we did and do!

“But France is pig-headed – it would rather the EU continues its inexorable march towards political union even if that means the hollowing out of its own country.

“Indeed, nation states across Europe are being hollowed out by the anti-democratic forces in Brussels.

“A socialist economic system, massive debt, massive taxes, massive inflation, and no growth.

“Add into the mix massive immigration and unemployment and you have the ingredients for civil strife. The EU is creaking at the seams.

“They will soon be begging the UK to rescue them once again!”

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