Farage fires warning shot to NatWest ahead of key debanking row report

Nigel Farage has issued a warning shot to NatWest, claiming that they “won’t get away” with his debanking plan.

The level of contempt held for the GB News broadcaster among bank staff was recently revealed in bombshell documents, with one even threatening to throw milkshake over him.

It comes amid an independent investigation of the bank’s behaviour following the forced resignation of CEO Alison Rose.

She stood away after revealing to a BBC journalist that she had revealed information regarding Farage’s account.

The debanking saga now awaits a report from Travers Smith, who was appointed at the end of July to carry out an independent review.

Farage is sceptical about what the report will entail, conceding he is doubtful it will “bear much fruit”.

He points out the Chair Emeritus of the group, Chris Hale, has “described Brexiteers as racists and xenophobes”.

The former UKIP leader asked sarcastically: “So we can look forward to a jolly independent report, can’t we?”

Farage continued by vowing to “keep pressure” on the Financial Conduct Authority over the matter of debanking, but admits to being concerned about the group’s commitment to other issues such as “diversity and inclusion:.

“There’s a million people who have had their bank accounts removed over the course of the last few years”, he said.

“Many of them small businesses that have struggled horribly since. By the end of this year, they will have closed three out of five high street branches around the country.

“Many of them almost don’t want to take cash that comes from local businesses. This is a fight not just for me, this is a fight about a fairer, freer society.

“And you know something? I’m going to keep on fighting because I will not let them get away with it.”

Earlier in the month, The Government pledged to change the law to prevent people being de-banked for having the “wrong political views”.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said during the Conservative party conference: “Nobody should have their bank account closed because somebody else decides they’re not politically correct.

“We’ll tighten the law to stop people being debanked for the wrong political views.”

It is already illegal for financial institutions to discriminate against customers on the basis of lawful freedom of expression.

But the Treasury moved to tighten the rules on account closures earlier this year after Farage said Coutts bank, which is owned by NatWest Group, had moved to shut down his account unfairly.

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