Energy Suppliers URGED to IMPROVE Support for British Households Amidst Crisis

According to the energy regulator, the vast majority of the country’s energy suppliers have been told to improve how they handle customers who are unable to pay their bills.

Per Ofgem’s review of supplier compliance, only one firm, British Gas, was meeting its obligations, and the rest had to step up at a time when households were facing unprecedented bills due to the cost of living crisis.

It discovered that three companies, TruEnergy, Utilita, and ScottishPower, had “severe weaknesses,” while five others, E, Good, Green Energy, Outfox, and Bulb, had some issues with customer service.

Ecotricity, EDF, E.ON, Octopus, OVO, Shell, Utility Warehouse, and So Energy/ESB Energy were found to have minor issues that would not necessitate any punitive action.

Ofgem stated that Utilita and Scottish Power had already been served with provisional orders requiring them to take immediate action.

According to the regulator, key failures included companies failing to identify those in financial difficulty.

It also mentioned a lack of assistance for those in need of critical payment plans, while others had a “non-existent” policy for financially strapped consumers.

Ofgem chief executive, Jonathan Brearley, said: “We have reviewed suppliers on how they help customers who are having trouble paying their bills, particularly those who are vulnerable, and found some suppliers have fallen short of the standards Ofgem expects.

“We accept that there are many pressures on energy companies in the market this winter, but the needs of vulnerable customers must be part of their top priorities.

“We will now work with companies on where they can improve, and I all urge all suppliers to step up to the challenge.”

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