British Gas offers half price energy this winter – are you eligible?

British Gas has extended a project that offers half-price electricity for a set amount of time each week.

PeakSave Sundays will now be available for five hours every Sunday for the rest of 2023.

PeakSavers can be paid throughout the designated time frame by assisting the grid in better balancing energy demand when it is extremely high or low.

Because demand is normally low on Sundays, British Gas is encouraging PeakSavers to use as much as they need during the events, which run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

PeakSavers’ accounts will thereafter be credited with half of what they spent on electricity during that particular period.

This is accomplished by smart metres, with the metre informing British Gas of the amount of electricity consumed. The corporation will then calculate the amount of credit owing. PeakSavers are not required to register for each event.

Customers who have received an email from British Gas will be automatically included in every weekly event.

Catherine O’Kelly, Managing Director of British Gas Energy at British Gas, said: “With people spending time at home in the run up to the festive season, there are great opportunities for our customers to save on their energy bills whilst contributing to a greener grid.

“The results from the summer have shown that half price electricity on Sunday is helping our customers save and it’s shifting usage away from peak times. We’d expect to see even more benefit in the winter months as home electricity use is generally higher.

Not all British Gas customers are eligible to participate, however those who want to participate in future events can register their interest online at the “Sign up for PeakSave” area of their website.

Following registration, British Gas will verify their smart power credit metre and provide them metre readings.

If it does, the company will set up the consumer and notify them that they can participate. Otherwise, British Gas will contact you again.

Those who do not have a smart credit metre are directed to fill up their information and then schedule a free smart metre installation.

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