Britain warned to be on the BRINK of populist UPRISING

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon believes Britain is primed for a nationalist movement as the Conservatives further destabilise the country.

Bannon, who worked for Donald Trump for the first seven months of his presidency, believes the British media is “dumb and lazy,” and that the country is not ready for a change in politics.

Speaking exclusively to Nigel Farage, the political strategist issued a bleak outlook over the UK’s near future.

“The British media is dumb and lazy,” he said.

“We’re at the tip of the spear of the populist nationalist movement.

“Of course, what the Conservatives stand for is nothing. Right now, British politics is a disaster.”

“The Tories stand for nothing and they’re going to get smoked when the next election comes up, then there will be some reformation of true British politics, I think around more of a populist, nationalist mentality.

“Britain is a terrible place, saying they’re in a bad place is not enough.”

Steve Bannon expressed concerns over the Ukraine war and believes the funding for Zelensky’s war efforts should be ground to a halt.

He said: “Their sons and daughters are the ones who are going to go and die on foreign battlefields.

“The people of England have to understand right now, if you continue down this path, your sons and daughters are going to be dying in Ukraine in their efforts to take back Ukraine.”

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