BREXIT: Verhofstadt Sparks OUTRAGE on FAKE Truss Claims About ‘Manufacturing’ FIGHT with EU

Guy Verhofstadt has sparked outrage after a leaked recording surfaced in which Liz Truss is said to have “dismantled the lies behind Brexit.”

While serving as Chief Secretary to the Treasury until 2019, the Tory leadership candidate claimed that voters believe “it’s all Europe causing these problems,” as well as migrants, whereas working Britons need “more graft.”

“Liz Truss dismantles the lies behind Brexit,” the former Brussels negotiator responded on Twitter. 

“Publicly, she blames migrants and manufactures [in] a fight with the EU to win Tory votes.” 

Remain campaigner Femi Oluwole also claimed that Ms Truss admitted that the Brexit referendum won on “lies about immigration and the EU.”

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