Braverman says NO to Sunak, backs Boris over EU negotiations

Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary, has backed Boris Johnson’s position that the Government must move forward with legislation to address the problems with the Northern Ireland protocol.

Rishi Sunak’s cabinet appears to be at odds over plans to reach a compromise deal with the EU in the latest tense Brexit negotiations. 

Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary, fueled internal Tory divisions on the issue by publicly supporting Boris Johnson’s position.

According to an ERG source, Ms Braverman’s intervention demonstrates that “serious cabinet tensions” exist.

“No surprise when you don’t even keep them in the loop,” they added. “Sunak obviously went to the May school of government!”

Ms Braverman’s intervention comes just 24 hours after House Leader Penny Mordaunt called Mr Johnson’s remarks “helpful” in an interview with the BBC’s Laura Kuennsber, adding that “there’s still a lot to be done” to reach an agreement on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Mr Johnson had urged the government to keep the Northern Ireland protocol bill in place, while Ms Braverman concurred.

She said: “The legislation that the government introduced is one of the biggest tools we have in solving the problem on the Irish Sea ‘It’s clear and it’s right that the PM is committed to finding a pragmatic solution to resolve these issues.”

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