Biden called ‘most anti-British president in living memory’ in bloody attack

Joe Biden is the “most anti-British president in living memory” and his behaviour is “outrageous” according to a former senior civil servant.

David Mellor, the ex-Chief Secretary to the Treasury, shared his fury at the US president’s push to make Ursula Von der Leyen Nato chief in a scathing attack.

On Tuesday, Nato allies agreed to a one-year extension for Jens Stoltenberg, who has been secretary general since October 2014, to head the alliance until autumn 2024.

A NATO source claims Biden has been trying to convince Von der Leyen, an ex-German defence minister, to be his successor.

Mellor said: “I think that Joe Biden is the most anti-British president in living memory and possibly even in the memory of the quite long day.

“It’s quite outrageous the way he behaves. He is a let’s pretend Irishman dressing up in the green and prancing around like some sad old pensioner on a holiday in the Emerald Isle.

“In fact his links to the Emerald Isle are no greater than his links to England, but basically this man has got it in for us.”

Biden is set to travel to the UK to meet King Charles and Rishi Sunak later this month.

Earlier this year, Biden stopped in Belfast to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, and briefly met Sunak.

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