All-Out for Ukraine: UK Now ‘Dangerously Low’ on Ammo After Sending Munitions to Zelensky

After sending large military aid packages to Zelensky’s Ukraine, the UK is now “dangerously low” on ammunition.

Ammunition stocks in the United Kingdom are now at “dangerously low levels” as a result of the country giving supplies to Ukraine, according to the United Kingdom’s Defence Select Committee.

It is the latest in a series of recent warnings about the state of Britain’s military, with one former general predicting that the country would likely run out of ammunition after just one day in a direct conflict with Russia.

A similar warning has now been issued by the MPs who sit on the Defence Select Committee, with a report published on Tuesday detailing the dire situation the country’s military now finds itself in.

“It is clear that the UK and its NATO Allies have allowed ammunition stockpiles to dwindle to dangerously low levels,” the report reads.

It also warns that Britain is facing significant supply-side issues when it comes to obtaining new ammunition, implying that it could take “more than a decade” for the country to replenish its arsenal after sending billions of dollars in military equipment to Ukraine.

“While Russia’s stockpiles are being reduced, other adversaries are able to maintain and potentially increase their own,” the report added. 

“Our inability to replenish UK stockpiles thus jeopardises not only our ability to resupply Ukraine, but also our ability to counter any threat to our own security.”

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