A-Level Results Day: List of High Paying Jobs that can pay up to £90K, even without degrees

High-paying positions do not usually require advanced degrees, and they can pay up to £90,000 per year.

It comes as students throughout the UK received their A-Level results today, with some receiving worse grades than expected.

According to the results, the number of A-level entries receiving top grades is down from previous year.

This is attributed to the grade system reverting to pre-pandemic levels.

It means that while some students may not have received the minimum grades to enter university this year, they are still capable of obtaining high-paying professions.

Adzuna, a job search website, has identified 20 jobs that do not require a university education yet pay more than the average UK annual wage of £33,000.

For many positions “knowledge and skills are far more important than formal education”, according to Andrew Hunter, the co-founder of Adzuna.

The job with the highest annual salary which pays workers up to £90,000 a year is the role of casino gaming manager.

Scrum masters, for example, are earning upwards of £62,000 a year.

A scrum master acts as a project manager for IT and tech development.

There are courses you can take to train in being a scrum master, but there’s no strict path into the job.

Commercial pilots, ethical hackers and air traffic controllers are also among the jobs paying around £60,000 a year.

And while a degree isn’t needed for most of these jobs, there may be other requirements.

With the cost of a university education adding up to £57,000 on average, it could pay to pursue one of the high-paying careers that avoid taking on student loan debts and studying costs.

The average wage in the UK in the last tax year was around £33,000.

Those in the following roles can also expect to earn salaries between £50,000 and £60,000 a year:

  • Software developer
  • Train driver
  • Construction manager
  • Oil Rig operative
  • Security manager
  • Games developer
  • Project manager

Eight other jobs pay workers without formal education salaries between £43,000 and £46,000 a year:

  • Buying manager
  • Translator
  • Accountant
  • Private chef
  • Army officer
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Landscape designer
  • ChatGPT prompt engineer

Andrew said: “A degree is no longer a prerequisite for securing a junior job with an attractive salary.

“Employers are increasingly looking past educational background and instead focusing on candidates with great skills and sufficient hands-on experience.

“Jobseekers with A-levels could consider taking professional certification courses or apprenticeships to hone job-specific skills and build hands-on experience, such as programming or technical skills.”

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