‘Young British Politician’ Believed to Bring Back Britain to EU – ‘Where it Belongs’

Guy Verhofstadt has stated that the United Kingdom will one day rejoin the European Union. The Belgian MEP lashed out at Brexit, claiming Britain’s departure from Brussels was a “con”. 

Brexit was also dubbed “the elephant in the room of British politics” and a “travesty” by Mr. Verhostadt.

He added that he has “no doubt” that a “young British politician” will bring the country back into the EU in the future.

Writing for the Independent, the Belgian MEP said: “Many people in the EU, including myself, believed Brexit was a disaster for the British people.

“We want the British back, but we also know that London will get a special deal.

“The elephant in the room of British politics is Brexit and will get larger and larger until the main parties address it.

Referring to Mr Verhofstadt’s claim that the UK “belongs in Europe”, GB News presenter Martin Daubney said: “The UK is in Europe. It’s just not in the EU. We, the 17.4 million, made sure of that.”

Verhofstadt also stated: “I have no doubt that one day, a young British politician will slay the proverbial elephant and lead Britain back into the European family, where it belongs.

“It is up to the British people to decide how quickly this day comes.”

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