Worried 77-Year-Old Grandmother Says PM Sunak ‘Doesn’t Have a Clue’ in Triple Lock Fury

Rishi Sunak is “out of touch” with ordinary people’s problems, according to a retired receptionist who backed pension triple lock petitions.

The triple lock is a government commitment to raise pensions in accordance with either average wage increases, 2.5 per cent, or inflation, whichever is greater.

With inflation now approaching 10%, Mr Sunak, who took over as Prime Minister from Liz Truss last month, has so far refused to guarantee that his Government will follow the Tories’ own manifesto pledge to follow the longstanding convention.

Yvonne De Burgo, 77, of Oxfordshire, had harsh words for the 42-year-old former Chancellor and MP for Richmond in Yorkshire.

Mr Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy, on the other hand, are rumoured to be worth £730 million, owing to her one per cent stake in Indian tech behemoth Infosys.

Mrs De Burgo said: “He doesn’t have a clue. I mean, nobody with that amount of money has a clue of what it’s like to live on £250, come on.”

“They probably spend that on a meal for themselves.”

In reference to Mr Sunak’s appointment, she added, “They’ve had three bloody Prime Ministers, you know, who’s going to be the fourth?”

“I mean, everything is wrong. I hope that if Labour or any other party other than the Conservatives wins the next election, they will change the rules so that if a prime minister is removed, a general election is held.”

Mrs De Burgo admitted she is worried about the upcoming winter, with fuel costs skyrocketing and no guarantees her income will rise.

“I was sitting with one last night, and it gets dark really early, and I’m worried because if there’s a power outage like they’re talking about, my sight is very bad, and that’s what they’ve told me at the hospital, and because of my balance, I need to be well lit wherever I go.”

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