Woke Priest Says Pride Month ‘Shows Us Whom JESUS Calls Us to Love’

Gay Pride celebrations, according to Jesuit Father James Martin, show us “whom Jesus calls us to love” and are thus “deeply complementary” to devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Father Martin writes that Pride Month and Sacred Heart devotion “are not contradictory, but complementary.” “Because each reveals something about Jesus’ love.” And it is fortunate that both are celebrated in June.”

Despite the gay mantra “love is love,” the LGBT movement has little to do with love and everything to do with sex, as the movement’s initials denote sexual preferences and inclinations.

According to Catholic theology and Christian morality in general, Jesus wants us to love everyone but not have sex with everyone we love. He does not want us to have sex with our mothers, sisters, daughters, or other people of the same sex.

How Gay Pride “shows us whom Jesus calls us to love” is thus a mystery, one that Father Martin chooses not to unravel.

The Jesuit priest also claims in his essay that “in ten countries, you can be executed for being gay,” which is false and deceptive. You can be executed in ten countries for sodomy or gay sex, but not for “being gay.”

Following the publication of Martin’s essay, two Spanish priests deemed the Jesuits’ arguments unworthy of a man of God.

Jesus did not come to tell us that “all paths are good,” wrote Father Francisco Javier Bronchalo on Wednesday, and comparing a sinful path to devotion to the Sacred Heart is “imprudence and a great lie.”

Fr. James Martin should “think carefully about what he says.” “With these types of comparisons, he can harm many people by pushing his pro-LGBT position to the extreme,” Bronchalo added.

Father Juan Manuel Góngora, for one, insisted that gay “pride” and the Sacred Heart of Jesus are “not complementary,” but rather “antagonistic in their essence and form.” “Humility triumphs over pride.”

Earlier this month, Father Martin stated that Christian churches ‘have a special obligation’ to celebrate Gay Pride because much anti-gay violence is “motivated by religion.”

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