Unlimited Trials? Priti Patel LAUNCHES ONE MORE Plan Involving ‘Safe and Prosperous’ Albania

Priti Patel has reached an agreement to expedite the removal of Albanians who illegally cross the Channel.

On Tuesday, the Home Secretary agreed to a quick turnaround with her counterpart in the southern European country, Bledi Cuci.

And sources said last night that they hoped it would start soon.

On Monday, a record 1,295 people arrived in small boats, with approximately 60% from Albania.

Police officers from across the country will be flown to Kent to assist authorities with vital information and processing.

“This abuse of our system cannot continue,” Ms Patel said.

“Large numbers of Albanians are being sold lies by ruthless people smugglers and vicious organised crime gangs,” she continued.

According to the Home Office, Albania is a safe and prosperous country, and many nationals “travel through multiple countries to make the journey to the UK” before filing “spurious asylum claims when they arrive.”

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