Union Boss Claims that Strikes in the UK Will Last Until Summer 2023

Following pay disputes, new TUC general secretary Paul Nowak has warned that workers are “ready” to strike until the summer.

Mr. Nowak has accused the government of “sabotaging” efforts to end the wave of strikes that is currently sweeping the country.

According to Mr Nowak, strikes in 2023 could be worse than in 2022 because they will fight two years’ worth of pay disputes at the same time if previous offers from 2022 are not settled.

The TUC, which represents 5.5 million members in 48 unions, is calling for a “proper review” ahead of 2023 pay negotiations this spring.

Mr Nowak told The Mirror: “When you’ve got over a quarter of hospitals with food banks for their own staff, that’s got to say something’s broken.

“When it delivers pay rises that run at half the rate of inflation, that doesn’t feel like a fair or independent process to our members.”

Following weeks of strikes by health, rail, civil service, teaching, and postal unions, Conservative ministers have refused to reopen 2022 pay negotiations, stating that unions should instead focus on next year’s negotiations.

Mr. Nowak went on to say that striking workers have been “left with no choice” after more than a decade of pay cuts, and that more groups of workers may also go on strike.

When asked if the strikes would continue into the summer, he replied, “Yep. They’re willing to do so, and I’ll explain why.

“Not because union leaders are willing to do it. It’s because our members have told us they have no other choice. They can’t afford another year of real-terms pay cuts.”

Mr Nowak challenged the Government and employers to work with unions to end what he described as Britain’s “living standards nightmare”.

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