UK urged to ‘take lessons’ from ‘very impressive’ Macron to regain superpower status

According to an expert, the French armed forces are “very impressive,” and the Ministry of Defence should “take lessons” from their allies across the Channel. 

Nicholas Drummond, a defence analyst, praised Emmanuel Macron’s army and advised UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace to take note. 

This comes as the British Army has come under increasing scrutiny as a result of long-term budget cuts and the conflict in Ukraine.

While Mr Drummond acknowledged that the French army has “real holes,” he said the UK could learn a lot from them.

“What France is doing in defence is very impressive; they are spending their money very well,” he said.

“But that does not hide the fact that they too have real holes. So air power, they have holes. sea power, they have holes.”

He added: “We do need to take lessons from the French Ministry of Defence. They could really teach us how to use our money more efficiently.”

Last month, a senior US general told Defence Secretary Ben Wallace that the British Army is no longer regarded as a top-level fighting force, defence sources said.

One source told Sky that decades of cuts have left the British military “unable to protect the UK and our allies”.

The sources said Rishi Sunak risks failing in his role as “wartime Prime Minister” unless he takes urgent action in the face of the mounting threat posed by Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

One source said: “We have a wartime Prime Minister and a wartime Chancellor.

“History will look back at the choices they make in the coming weeks as fundamental to whether this government genuinely believes that its primary duty is the defence of the realm or whether that is just a slogan to be given lip service.”

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