UK Should Be Energy Independent ‘Like America’ but Leaders Are ‘Addicted to Green Agenda’, Says Farage

According to Brexit leader Nigel Farage, the United Kingdom’s economic turbulence is the result of an addiction to the false promise of supposed green energy and a failure to achieve energy independence like America.

While a majority of the establishment press in Britain, including allegedly conservative-leaning newspapers, has attempted to blame currency price fluctuations on proposed tax cuts, Nigel Farage said that the real culprit is the green agenda, which has left the country vulnerable to shocks in the international market.

Mr Farage told the US-based business cable television network CNBC that “every prime minister since Tony Blair has been addicted to the climate change agenda, despite the fact that we only produce 1% of global CO2 and China built 80 large, new coal-fired power plants last year.”

“This is a self-inflicted wound, we’ve got coal, we’ve got oil, we’ve got gas. We should be like America, we should be energy-independent. In fact, we should be an energy exporter. We haven’t done that and the whole political class has bought into this thing, it’s self-destructive,” he said.

Mr Farage stated that former President Donald Trump’s energy independence in America, which increased fracking for natural gas during his tenure largely through deregulation of the industry, is the reason why the dollar has remained stable in comparison to the pound sterling and other European currencies.

“Germany, Italy and much of Europe have made themselves wholly dependent on Russian gas, they were warned by Donald Trump, amongst others, that strategically it was a very bad thing to have done. They now find themselves in a desperate position. Energy rationing has begun in Germany, in public buildings already.”

“But we have the advantage as an island, as a Brexit island, of having huge reserves of natural gas; we haven’t tapped a single barrel of onshore gas because we are meeting Net-Zero commitments, and that should be a warning to the entire Western world.”

In contrast to Boris Johnson’s green-friendly administration, Prime Minister Liz Truss has stated that her government plans to expand fracking across the country. The UK has significant energy resources, with previous government estimates claiming that the Bowland Shale gas deposits could provide the country with decades of locally sourced energy.

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