UK Justice System to COLLAPSE as Criminal Barristers DITCH Over 60,000 On-Going Cases Due to ‘Pay Issues’

Due to an ongoing pay dispute with the British government, criminal barristers in England and Wales will go on an indefinite strike starting on September 5.

Many unions have pressed the government and businesses to increase pay packages as the cost of living crisis puts pressure on citizens across the nation. Teachers, rail workers, and civil servants have all either actively considered or taken part in pay-related strikes.

Another group of workers who frequently went on strike was the barrister class, who reportedly engaged in staged industrial action with the intention of upsetting the courts in protest at the size of their pay packets.

Sarah Dines, a prominent member of the Tory party and currently the justice minister of Great Britain, has denounced the strike as “wholly unjustified” and claimed that it will only prolong the backlog of cases in the courts, which already stands at 60,000 cases after the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Despite Dines’ complaints, it seems that her party is doing very little to address the strike’s root causes and is instead putting almost all of its energy into the ongoing contest to become the next Tory leader.

With The Guardian reporting that decisions have been delayed in half of the state’s key state departments, it has been claimed that the outgoing Boris Johnson is currently running a “zombie” government due to his obsession with the ongoing leadership race at the apparent expense of leading the country.

As the United Kingdom experiences its worst inflation crisis in decades, Johnson himself is currently enjoying his second summer vacation of the year, according to The Mail. The sitting political leader is reportedly private island hopping in Greece.

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