UK Civil Service Prohibits Members to Celebrate Christmas for Inclusivity

The war on Christmas is still going on in 2022, with parts of the UK’s ultra-woke civil service reportedly implementing a ban on the traditional end-of-year Christmas party, instead allowing its members to host alcohol-free “festive celebrations.”

This ban comes after British census data revealed that England and Wales are no longer Christian countries, with the number of believers in various denominations of the religion falling below 50% of the total population in both countries.

According to The Telegraph, while no government-wide guidance has been issued on the subject, a number of civil servants have been told by their superiors that they are not allowed to refer to end-of-year celebrations as “Christmas parties,” for fear of alienating people of different faiths.

Since the extent of such measures is ultimately unknown, the bans themselves appear to have their roots in the civil service’s “faith and belief toolkit” that demand workers “bear in mind that not everyone consumes alcohol”.

“The idea that civil servants need a ‘faith and belief toolkit’ to celebrate Christmas at all is joyless nonsense,” former business secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg said.

However, the Tory MP’s protests are somewhat comical given that it was his party that saw the growth of such woke ideas over its last 12 years in power, having done very little to stop the spread of such militant left-wing ideals.

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