Truss Fires Fresh Warning as EU Commits Another ‘Inappropriate’ Court Oversight

Liz Truss has vowed not to back down in a Brexit dispute with the EU, following reports that the UK was prepared to cave in talks with Brussels.

No10 today rejected claims that Britain would continue to defer to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on how the Northern Ireland Protocol is implemented.

Unionists are enraged that the EU court is the final authority on the deal.

In order to reach a compromise on customs checks, Britain was said to be willing to drop its opposition to the role of the ECJ in overseeing the agreement.

However, warning the EU that there was no change in position, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “Our view remains that it is inappropriate for a court of the EU to remain the supreme arbiter of law in Northern Ireland.”

“You will know that we are moving to official level talks and of course, we want to resolve this through negotiation.”

Talks about the problems caused by the Northern Ireland Protocol began a year ago. For months, talks were deadlocked, with neither the UK nor the EU willing to compromise on their red lines.

However, there is renewed optimism that a deal will be reached within the next three weeks.

The Northern Ireland Assembly is currently not meeting because the DUP stated that it would not participate in a power-sharing executive until its concerns about the Protocol were addressed.

A breakthrough in Brexit talks is required by October 28 in order for the DUP to take its place in the executive and Northern Ireland to avoid new devolved parliament elections.

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