Storm Babet Brings 70mph Winds, School Closures, and ‘Danger to Life’ Warnings

Some schools will close and people are being told to stay at home as Storm Babet bears down on parts of the UK.

The Met Office has issued a rare red warning for “exceptional and persistent” rain in eastern Scotland, as well as amber and yellow warnings for wind and rain in other areas.

The red alert covers parts of the east of Scotland between the Dundee and Aberdeen areas from 6pm on Thursday until midday on Friday, “with some locations likely to see 200-250mm” of rainfall.

It marks the first time a red warning for rain has been issued in the UK since Storm Dennis in February 2020.

Babet, a complex area of low pressure that developed to the west of the Iberian Peninsula, will last until Saturday and is expected to cause flooding, power cuts and travel disruption.

Yellow severe weather warnings, meaning there is the threat of strong winds, extremely wet conditions and potential flooding, have been issued across the week until Saturday for a vast swathe of the UK, covering already-saturated parts of Scotland and northern and eastern England, all the way down the coast to Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

The Irish forecasting agency Met Eireann has also issued yellow and amber weather warnings for parts of Northern Ireland for heavy rain into Thursday.

As the rain moves northwards, it will stall across central and eastern parts of Scotland where the rain will become heavy and persistent from Thursday through to Saturday.

There is an amber severe weather warning for rain for this area, meaning exceptionally wet conditions are likely. Up to 150 to 200mm of rain could accumulate in some areas of higher ground.

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