Starmer’s Shout to Red Wall Voters: ‘Brexit is Safe in My Hands’

Keir Starmer sent a powerful message to Labour voters who defected during the last general election: “Brexit is safe in my hands.”

The party’s leader promised to protect Britain’s future outside of the EU and ruled out rejoining any of the significant Brussels institutions.

He stated that returning to the customs union, the single market, or allowing free movement were all out of the question.

Sir Keir told the Sunday Express in an exclusive interview that his days as a Brexit sceptic are over.

He asserted rebuilding Britain’s future as a fully independent country.

Sir Keir declared: “Let me be really clear about Brexit. There is no case for going back into the EU or going into the single market or customs union. Freedom of movement is over. There will be no return to that, either. What we want to do is make Brexit work.”

Sir Keir declared: “We have turned the party inside out. It is a changed party.”

Starmer has faced three Conservative prime ministers since winning the Labour leadership in 2020.

“They are all different people, but they all have one thing in common: they were part of a 12-year government that failed,” he said.

If he can persuade millions of Brexit voters to vote for a party that supported EU membership in the referendum, he will have achieved his greatest success to date.

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