Social Democrats URGE Public Broadcasters to AIR Pornography to Fulfil ‘Sexist and Racist’ Stereotypes

The youth wing of the ruling German Social Democrats in Berlin has called on public broadcasters to display pornography in their media catalogues, arguing that the films should be “anti-racist and feminist.”

The SPD’s youth wing, known as the Young Socialists or “Jusos,” believes that German public broadcasters such as ARD and ZDF should purchase the rights to pornography films that reflect leftist sensibilities and show feminist and anti-racist messages, claiming that mainstream pornography frequently fulfils “sexist and racist stereotypes.”

According to the German media outlet Bild, the Jusos also criticise the fact that most mainstream pornography is directed at men, and as a result, the perspective of women relating to pornography is neglected.

“Because free pornography is primarily consumed on the Internet, feminist porn must also be free, permanent, and with low thresholds,” said the Berlin branch of the Socialist Youth.

The bizarre proposal comes months after teachers at a union conference in the United Kingdom argued that their members should be allowed to teach children about pornography, claiming that the lessons would help the children understand and cope with pornography if they came across it.

The union also claimed that mainstream pornography is riddled with “racist” and “sexist” stereotypes.

“The majority of pornography projects a distorted view of sex and sexual relationships, and it should be of concern that mainstream sites regularly feature violent acts against women and girls, incest, and racism,” said Dr Mary Bousted, the union’s Joint General Secretary.

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