Save Britain Asks: Should Rishi Sunak Impose an Anti-Strike Legislation?

The UK is bracing for the biggest wave of strikes since the 1980s, as thousands of workers prepare to go on strike over the holiday season.

Tory MPs are now putting pressure on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to enact new anti-strike legislation that will render walkouts largely ineffective.

Rail workers, nurses, teachers, driving examiners, and postal workers are among those who will go on strike almost every day in December.

Tory MP and former Treasury chief secretary Simon Clarke responded to the planned strike by saying, “These are very difficult times for the economy because of Putin’s war, but the public sector needs to recognise the private sector isn’t getting anywhere near the [pay] increases they are demanding, which, if pursued, would lead to a self-defeating inflationary spiral.”

“If the unions refuse to come to their senses, the Government should absolutely push ahead with minimum service legislation.”

Should Rishi Sunak impose anti-strike legislation? Let your voice be heard. 

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