Save Britain Asks: Do you trust Rishi Sunak’s Latest Plan on Migration?

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced his plan to deal with the English Channel’s growing migrant crisis, which includes signing an agreement with Albania to quickly return illegals to the Balkans nation.

Rishi Sunak, who appeared before the House of Commons on Tuesday, unveiled a five-point plan to reduce illegal immigration. Over 44,000 boat migrants have arrived on British shores so far this year, and his party is under increasing pressure for failing to “take back control” of the borders.

The main feature of the plan is a new agreement signed with Albania, which Mr Sunak claims will put the country on equal footing with other “safe” nations in Europe, allowing the “vast majority” of illegals from the Islamic country to be removed “swiftly” as it will become more difficult for migrants from the country to claim asylum. 

He went on to say that the government will issue new instructions to asylum caseworkers in order to “make it crystal clear” that Albania is a safe country.

Sunak also stated that the government will “significantly” raise the threshold for asylum seekers to claim that they are victims of modern slavery, a tactic that Albanian criminal drug gangs have previously used to avoid immigration laws.

The Prime Minister also said that the agreement will include the stationing of British Border Force officials at Tirana’s airport in order to “disrupt organised crime and stop people coming here illegally.”

Another key component of the prime minister’s plan is to discontinue the use of hotels for the over 40,000 people claiming to be refugees, which currently costs the taxpayers up to £5.5 million per day. Those who are currently staying in hotels will be relocated to former/surplus military bases, vacation camps, or student housing.

“Enough is enough,” he said, adding: “Unless we act now and decisively, this will only get worse”.

He went on to announce yet another reshuffling of command of the situation in the English Channel, with a new small boats command staffed with 700 extra officers from the Border Force and the National Crime Agency to consolidate the previously “fragmented” response to the crisis.

Some were unconvinced by the plan, which notably made no mention of sending boat migrants directly back to France, a country to which the UK has sent tens of millions to try to stem illegal migration.

Reform UK leader Richard Tice described it as a “pathetic announcement” by Rishi Sunak on illegal immigration. “Truly hopeless, nothing will change. The numbers of illegals will rise. The cost will rise. Is that really all you have got Rishi?”

Sunak’s Conservative government has come under increasing scrutiny for failing to combat illegal immigration while also allowing record numbers of legal immigrants to enter the country, contradicting the party’s previous promises to reduce immigration.

So, what do you think? Do you believe Sunak’s plan will end Britain’s migration crisis?

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