Save Britain Asks: Are London public services worth a council tax hike?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is set to raise the average council tax bill by £38.55, inflicting yet another blow on Londoners.

In addition to the local council tax, typical households would pay a little more than £434 to the Greater London Authority, which helps fund services like Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police Service, and the London Fire Brigade.

“I have to be honest with Londoners,” the Mayor said. We will have less money for police, less money for the fire service, and we will have to eliminate free travel for children and over-60s unless we increase the precept to the maximum the government tells us to.”

He described council tax as “regressive, outdated, and not fit for purpose” and “one of the unfairest ways to raise revenues”, but said the rise is necessary to secure future Government funding.

Confirmation of his council tax demands for the 2023/24 financial year are due in the next fortnight.

Are London public services worth a council tax hike? Let your voice be heard. 

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