Sadiq Khan to Increase Londoners’ Council Tax to Nearly 10% Amidst Cost of Living Crisis

Mayor Sadiq Khan appears set to raise London council tax bills by nearly 10% in order to better fund the Metropolitan Police.

An additional £38.55 will be added to the average bill, representing a 9.7 percent increase.

It is the largest increase in London since Sadiq Khan took office, exceeding last year’s 8.8 percent increase.

This equates to the Greater London Authority receiving £434 from the average London household.

This is in addition to the borough council payments.

“Londoners will be deeply concerned about Khan’s rising cost this year, as he hits people with extortionate tax rises,” said Peter Fortune, deputy leader of the GLA Conservatives.

“Sadiq Khan will have increased council tax by 57 per cent since he was elected, an eye-watering and unaffordable cost of living burden for so many people.”

Khan initially predicted a £27.89 increase, but less than two months later, this has increased by more than £10.

The Government granted him permission to increase the amount for police, fire services, and TfL.

“I have to be honest with Londoners,” he explained to the Standard.

“Unless we raise the precept to the maximum the government tells us to, we will have less money for police, less money for the fire service, and we will have to eliminate free travel for children and over 60s.”

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