Sadiq Khan sparks outrage after branding Britons’ concerns about ULEZ as ‘far right’

Sadiq Khan has enraged members of the public by implying that anti-Ulez protesters have a “far right” element.

He also labelled those who expressed concerns as Covid deniers, vaccine deniers, and Tories during a speech in Ealing last night.

The Ulez zone, which has been criticised by Rishi Sunak, will be expanded to cover the entire city of London on August 29 in an effort to improve air quality.

Vehicles that do not meet the minimum requirements will be charged a daily fee of £12.50.

On Thursday night Khan was taking part in a People’s Question Time event at Ealing Town Hall.

Khan took questions from the public on the issues facing them but spent much of the evening justifying his Ulez scheme.

A group of people attended to shared their disapproval of the Ulez expansion.

Some of the protesters held signs claiming that the Ulez would result in the “end of free movement”.

Other symbols depicted Khan included a swastika and a hammer-and-sickle.

Khan addressed the crowd and suggested they were part of a “far right group”.

“What I find unacceptable is some of those who have legitimate objections banding together with some of those outside, who are part of a far right group,” he said.

“Let’s be honest, call a spade a spade. Some of those on the street are members of the far-right. Some people are against Covid. Some people are anti-vaccine. And some are Conservatives.”

Last week, Khan urged on Sunak to fund a scrappage scheme for the home counties ahead of the planned expansion.

He called on Sunak to match the £110million he has allocated for London’s scrappage scheme.

A Government spokesman said the mayor must “justify his decision” to expand the Ulez.

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