Sadiq Khan Claims ‘Remainers’ are the Ones Who Make Brexit a SUCCESS, Urges UK to Join Single Market

London Mayor Sadiq Khan discussed the possibility of the United Kingdom rejoining the single market in order to boost growth. 

In an interview, Mr Khan slammed Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, and Jacob Rees-Mogg, claiming that it was only Remainers who were attempting to make Brexit work, rather than politicians who supported Brexit in the first place.

The Mayor then discussed the Good Friday Agreement, claiming that Ireland was correct in warning about the importance of the Good Friday Agreement in post-Brexit relations between the UK and the EU.

Mr Khan told LBC: “The easiest way, the quickest way to get growth is to join the single market. You’re still outside the EU, but by joining the single market you increase growth almost overnight.

“It’s an ideological game they’re playing saying you’re either with us…Oh and by the way only our policies will lead to growth, and if you don’t agree with our policy you’re anti-growth.

“It’s a caricature and it’s this you know, what we call in politics a dividing line that you try and portray.

“So anybody who is not for my policies is anti-growth is anti my policies, and by the way, who is in this hodgepodge of people XR, North Londoners, Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, Greens.

“Anybody basically who’s not part of the…well, basically anybody who is not part of the… per cent who currently support the Tory Party, isn’t it?”

“And my point about Brexit is actually this, look to see who is actually trying to make Brexit a success.

“It’s us Remainers,” Khan said. 

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