Russia WANTED to ATTACK the Queen’s Funeral, Claims Britain is the ROOT of all EVIL

According to a Kremlin propagandist, Russia should have targeted the Queen’s funeral due to a large number of Western leaders in attendance.

Olga Skabeyeva, known as Vladimir Putin’s “Iron Doll,” made the remarks just hours after Her Majesty’s funeral.

She is regarded as one of the Kremlin leader’s most important TV propagandists.

Her remarks were in response to Russian MP Andrey Gurlev’s remarks that Russia should send nukes to Britain rather than Ukraine or Germany.

‘We should have done it today, all the best people are in Britain for the funeral,’ she said.

The issue comes as Putin’s army suffers more humiliating defeats in Ukraine, with Moscow blaming the UK for galvanising Western opposition to the Kremlin.

‘We still have to live over there in Ukraine,’ Mr Gurlev said.

‘We have plenty of targets. Ramstein airbase in Germany is a good fat one, but it could wait.

According to the retired general, the UK could be turned into a “Martian wasteland,” prompting NATO to “back off.”

‘What will NATO’s Article 5 [defending collective security] be about when Britain is turned into a Martian wasteland,’ he asked.

‘Defending the Martian wasteland? There will be nothing left there. An unshakeable island – it will be shakeable.’

He closed, ‘Why would we bomb Ukraine or Germany when Britain is the root of all evil?’

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